Process Design

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A successful process design has to take into account the appropriateness of the process to overall
organization objective. Process design requires a broad view of the whole organization and the
process should deliver customer value with constant involvement of the management at various
Process Requirement: The very first step we take is to collect and gather information to create
structure with the objective in mind. This leads us to make process requirement documents
highlighting various stages, risks and stakeholders involved in and for the process.
Team Building: Once the process requirements are finalized, for each objective, a team is
assembled based on appropriate skill level and experience. First assignment of the team is to get
themselves familiarized with the whole process.
Planning and Implementation: Process planning team will develop the modules, policies and
procedure that is required for process. This is to be created and further implemented after all
internal and external approvals are obtained.
Audit: A regular audit is carried out to ensure that process is implemented properly as planned
and delivers value to the customers at last.