Marketing campaign

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Our exceptional marketing team creates for and helps you launch effective campaigns that drive
results. We will help you reach your marketing and communications goals through proper
branding and design. Engage your local audience and build sales leads in a timely manner. We
will help you stand out from the crowd with compelling and out of ordinary visuals.
At IVA ONE, our team creates customized route-to-market Program for your specific project. Our
program is designed to profile your potential customers, promote your brand as well as capability
awareness, uncover active opportunities and more. Your program ensures you engage with
prospects at the optimal time and stay engaged throughout the lifecycle of your project roadmap.
Out Rout-To-Market solution can be offered as an end-to-end service program or as individual
Point of sales is the most important touch point for a brand due to the fact that it’s where the
purchase decisions are made. Our team, through close collaboration with industry, is constantly
trying to come up with creative yet viable ideas to try and engage customers with the brand.
These ideas are implemented well to facilitate the purchase process. Some of the trade marketing
activities we utilize in that aspect are:

  • Promotional Marketing
  • Product detailing
  • Retail Surveys
  • POS design and production
  • Sampling and product Demos
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Sourcing and Logistics