Licensing & Registration

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IVA ONE’s legal team possesses an incomparable local expertise in new business or
multinational new market entry set up within the region. We are proud to provide for or assist
on all initial administrative requirements such as name search, incorporation, brand
registration, compliance, certifications, office and logistical assessment and requirement to
name a few. These valuable services from our team help, to a great extent, kick off a successful
business that “Thinks Global BUT Act Local”. Our aim in working alongside of clients is to
minimize future obstacles and challenges so that you can focus on sales and productivity of
your local operations. Some examples of the initial and essential services we offer to our
multinational clients are as follows:

  •  Company and brand registration as well as set up
  •  Professional advice on Corporate and Business Law
  •  Import and commerce license as well as all certificates
  •  Company taxation registration and set up including VAT