Forecast and Planning

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Our business planning experts gather primary and secondary data on your project to complete business
projections and sales forecast for certain number of years ahead. Some of these vital financial outcomes
that will eventually help drive the business include but are not limited to: Cash flow statements, income
statement, balance sheet, sales forecast, and expense budget to name a few. This will include a complete
estimate of future financial outcome of your project in a snapshot to help you make strategic financial
decisions ahead and use as financial map for years to come.

price positioning:
Discover your pricing power in a local market by defining your pricing strategy early on in the sales process.
Whatever your pricing problem: from defining new product pricing strategies, avoiding a price war or
finding perfect pricing methods – let’s work together on solutions. Over the years, our international
projects have given us deep understanding and knowledge across many industries. We have developed
different pricing strategies, pricing models, price points and everything else that the term “pricing” may
cover. We are delighted to develop one for your specific project and help your team implement it in your
marketplace timely.